What is the significance of a funeral service?  
The funeral and the ceremony that accompanies it are indeed very important. For those who are left behind, a funeral provides a place for family and friends to gather for support and to reminisce; an opportunity to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a loved one; a chance to say goodbye; and the focal point from which the healing process can begin. 
The funeral identifies that a person's life has been lived, not that a death has occurred. It is also important to notify the community that this person has died. There are people beyond the immediate family who have the right to grieve a death.

What do funeral directors do?
It is a funeral directors job to guide and direct families through one of the most difficult times they face.  They arrange and support families in situations when they are emotionally stressed.  The job of the funeral director is to be unobtrusive.

How much does a funeral cost? 
Funeral costs vary depending upon the amount of services used.  For further information please contact us at any time.

What is a Traditional full Service Funeral?
A traditional full service funeral includes removal of the deceased from the place of death, transferal to the funeral home or place of disposition.  Arranging and obtaining proper signatures on important papers such as death certificates, burial permits and all other state and federal documents.  Arrangement conference with families to obtain information for newspaper and death certificate and decisions as to what type of funeral service the family requests.   

Can a Funeral Home assist me with Social Security benefits and Veteran death benefits?
These are only a few of the services that we will assist families with.

What is a direct burial?
A direct burial involves no viewing or visitation.  The deceased is buried shortly after death following the proper procedure of getting signed death certificates.

If I decide to be cremated, can I still have a funeral or viewing?
Yes, you can still have a traditional viewing with a rental casket followed by a cremation. 

What is a direct cremation?
A direct cremation is the simplest form of a funeral.  The deceased is removed from the place of death, held at the funeral home for 24 hours or until the death certificate is signed by the doctor.  The coroner’s office is then notified and that office will contact the crematory. 

Must an obituary be published in the local newspaper?
It is the family’s choice whether an obituary is placed in the newspaper.

Is it possible to prepay for a funeral arrangement?
Absolutely.  After pre-planning the service all monies must be placed in a secure account with a local bank or another funding option guaranteed by the state.  No of this money can be touched until the time of death.  If the funeral guarantees the costs all interest accrued will cover the increased costs.

What happens when a death occurs away from home?
One phone call to your local funeral director is all that is necessary.  We will make all the necessary arrangements.

What happens if a loved one dies in the middle of the night or over the weekend?
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.